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Live from the Baltimore Fiddle Fair 2007-2011 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Fiddle Fair 3 CD 2007-2011

€20 To purchase this excellent recording (with 10% going to Baltimore lifeboat and 10% going to Baltimore's National School's instrument fund) email Declan McCarthy


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Live from the Baltimore Fiddle Fair

Fiddle Fair 2 CD

Purchase this excellent recording through PayPal's secure server €15

Tracks - Listen to this recording on Radio Fiddle Fair

  1. Songdogs - Calico
  2. Anlon McKinney's/Mind The Dresser - Liz Carroll & Paul Meehan
  3. Dame Lombarde - Kornog
  4. The Old Wheel Of Fortune - Dermot McLaughlin
  5. Roaring Water - Altan
  6. Golden Slippers - The Forghorn String Band
  7. Bunjie's Dilemma - Filska
  8. La Belle Elenore/Les Filles de Saille - Kornog
  9. The Coast of Malibar - Sean Tyrell
  10. College Groves - Ciaran Tourish & Paul Brady
  11. Pete Bradley's/The Meentogues Lad/Albert Road/Jerry Holland's - North Cregg
  12. An Caiín Deas Óg - Altan
  13. Indian Ate The Woodchuck - The Foghorn String Band
  14. Long Nights on The Misty Moor - Liz Carroll & Paul Meehan

"Every year in May the 'Fiddle Faithful' gather in Declan McCarthy's tiny bar in the village of Baltimore, West Cork, to make some of the finest fiddle music on the planet for the lucky 100-or-so guests who have managed to acquire a ticket. This CD represents the highlights of the 2003 festival and from the opening strains of Calico by Songdogs to the fading notes of Long Nights on the Misty Moor by Liz Carroll and Paul Meehan, it is simply some of the best playing you will hear anywhere! The likes of Altan and Paul Brady make an appearance but, frankly, after a while it doesn't seem to matter much who is playing ('though I have to confess a soft spot for the 'old timey' numbers from the Foghorn String Band). If you struggle to find this CD you could try making your way to Declan McCarthy's Bar, or maybe send an email to There's not much more I can say, really, except..."How on earth do I get hold of a ticket for next year's festival?" --Phil Thomas

Live from the Baltimore Fiddle Fair

Fiddle Fair CD

Purchase this excellent recording through PayPal's secure server €15

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Tracks - Listen to this recording on Radio Fiddle Fair

  1. Hip Agus Hop/The Roaring Barmaid - Arr. McGoldrick/Donnelly/McElholm
  2. The Homeruler Hornpipe/Maud Miller's Red - Arr. Hayden/McGrath/McElholm
  3. Waltzing For Dreamers - Arr. Daly/Cranitch/Hennessy
  4. TheGold Ring - Arr. McGloughlin/McGrattan
  5. The Air Tune - Arr. Doherty/Carr/Garry
  6. Off To California - Arr. Russell's House
  7. Someday You Will See - McElholm/Hayden/McGrath
  8. Tribute To Michael Coleman By Ed Reevy/Kevin Burke's/Paddy Fahy's - Arr. Kane/Pyan
  9. Cape Clear - Arr. Casey/McGlynn
  10. Watermans - Arr. McGoldrick/Donnelly/McElholm
  11. Willie Rambler - Arr. At The Rackets
  12. Jigs: Humour Of Glendart/Mulvhills - Arr. Cranitch/Hennessy/Daly
  13. Leaving Brittany/Pernod Waltz - L. & Y. Kane/Ryan
  14. Mominsko Hero - Arr. Casey/McGlynn
  15. Reels: Goodbye To Ireland/McKillops - Arr. Hayden/McGrath/McElholm

"'Fiddle Fair', recorded at a festival in Baltimore, harnesses the energy of a live audience. There is some significance to my choice for our inaugural CD review... this recording bears the hallmarks of what we would like this column to bring to you: an interesting mix of tune and song, high calibre of musicianship and performance, and evidence of the living tradition - music both old and newly penned. In addition 'Fiddle Fair', recorded at a week long festival in the village of Baltimore, has the energy that only a live and enthusiastic audience can bring. The liner notes tell us there was little, if any, post-production editing to the recording. So special kudos must go to the sound engineers, Morgan McCarthy and Billy Robinson, who managed to get such a clean sound." --R.M.V., Music Corner Editor