ENKEL are a traditional music band from Finland made up of two melodeons, kantele, viola and four voices. Four personable, unique and folky women with their instruments, sharing a great passion for traditional music, social folk dancing and telling stories through instrumental arrangements.

ENKEL’s working motto? “Tradition Forever!” That being said, growing up in the 90’s has unquestionably had an impact on the way they see music and the group are not afraid to let it show. Picking out interesting areas of the Finnish tradition and giving them new life by adding the distinctive ENKEL vibe, they craft strong and meaningful performances.Furthermore, the band aren’t afraid to explore a full range of emotions or to use the voice or dance to convey their message to audiences.

Their debut album Pappilan hääyö (Wedding Night at the Vicarage) was released in 2016, the second album
We Are ENKEL in 2018 and third album Love Hurts in 2022. Both first albums were awarded as the Finnish Folk Music Album of the Year and have been receiving positive feedback internationally. Since their debut in 2014, ENKEL have been performing actively in Europe and in 2016 the band represented Finland at the EBU Euro Radio Festival - that year in conjunction with Viljandi Pärimusmuusika Festival, Estonia.

Leija Lautamaja - melodeon, voice. Miia Palomäki - melodeon, voice
Maija Pokela - kantele, voice. Iida Savolainen - viola, voice



7th May 20:30

at Fiddle Fair Marquee

Appearing with LĂșnasa
Category A     €35.00 + € 1.00
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Category B     €30.00 + € 1.00
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Category C (Standing)     €25.00 + € 1.00
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