Tola Custy and Cyril O'Donoghue have been at the forefront of the traditional music scene in County Clare for many years and have played and recorded with many of the great bands including early Fiddle Fair legends Calico.

In 1994 they released the seminal album Setting Free which quickly became regarded as an all-time classic.

Since then this intuitive pair of musicians have gone on to found many other musical ensembles whilst always hankering for a return bout of exploration with the material that influenced the original album as well as adding new workings that has influended them in the interim.

Tonight, as they reprise this amazing album (which is almost as old as the festival itself) we can expect some old timey to French Waltz as well as lonely compositions and songs that make you happy to feel sad. Come share this thirty year musical friendship and bask in the bonds that performance can make.



5th May 20:00

at Saint Matthew's Church

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