Polenta, an award-winning, wholehearted ensemble of three fiddles and one guitar, will knock your socks off with their thrilling and soulful renditions of both original and traditional Finnish tunes.

The members of the band, Mikko Malmivaara (guitar), Aino Kinnunen (violin), Olli Sippola (five-string violin, mandolin) and Veera Kuisma (five-string violin), draw inspiration for their own compositions from the rich roots of Nordic traditional music. They have gained recognition as an energetic dance band and their second album will be released in February 2024. The light-footed live performances of Polenta emit instantaneous energy, radiating the joy of music and togetherness.

"Polenta’s innovative arrangements highlight the natural rhythms and lovely melodies of these traditional pieces, and their sound world extends to a grand cinematic feel, complete with angelic harmonies." -Amanda Kauranne/Finnish Music Quarterly


12th May 20:30

at Fiddle Fair Marquee

Appearing with North Cregg
Category A     €35.00 + € 2.00
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Category B     €30.00 + € 2.00
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Category C - Standing     €25.00 + € 1.00