FiddlersBid were the last band to play at the last Fiddle Fair in McCarthy's back in 2004. Now semi-retired and living off their millions in the oil-rich Shetland isles, we're delighted to have persuaded them to leave their villas and celebrate the 20th anniversary of that visit.

Internationally respected as leading exponents of their rich fiddle tradition and global ambassadors for Shetland, since forming in 1991, they have established an identity as a unique band with a harmonious and symphonic sound developed though many years of playing together.

This musical tornado have a magnetic four fiddle front line of Shetland's finest: Chris Stout, Kevin Henderson, Andrew Gifford and Maurice Henderson, joined with Scotland's dynamic harper, Catriona McKay and a powerhouse rhythm section, guitarist Jen Butterworth and Newcastle bassist Neil Harland to create a display of stunning virtuosity.

“If they don't sweep you away, check your pulse”_ Glasgow Herald


11th May 20:30

at Fiddle Fair Marquee

Appearing with Ian Carr & The Various Artists
Category A     €35.00 + € 2.00
Sold Out
Category B     €30.00 + € 2.00
Sold Out
Category C - Standing     €25.00 + € 1.00